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Each Presbyterian Church is led by a Session, which is comprised of ordained Ruling Elders. These ruling elders are elected by the congregation, and are nominated for election by a nominating committee. This committee uses a process of spiritual discernment in order to seek God's will for this congregation.


Ruling Elders serve 3 year terms, and at John Calvin, there are three Elders who serve in each of three "classes." The elder are not representatives of the congregation per se. They are tasked to seek the will of Christ as they make decisions that will affect the congregation. The pastor is the moderator of the Session.

These are the individuals currently serving on the Session at JCPC:

Class of 2024

Joe Bittle

Margaret Collar

Susan Tedder

Class of 2025

Tom Hawkins

Myra Horton

Betty Anne Smith (clerk)

Class of 2026

Kris Andrews

Robin Permenter

Gary Pierce

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