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A Season of Stewardship: Letting Our Light Shine
Evangelism, Outreach and Mission 2023
Buildings and Grounds 2023
Christian Education 2023
Worship and Music 2023
Caring and Fellowship 2023

Throughout the fall of 2023 JCPC has been sharing all the ways it let’s it’s light shine.
How will you let your light shine?

Online Giving

Realm®, our online church community software, offers new and easy ways to give financially to support our ministries. Whether you want to set up a recurring gift or split your donation among different funds, Realm makes it safe and secure to give online. Your information is encrypted. Plus, the payment processor for Realm complies with the highest security standards in the industry. You have two choices for making your gift -  Online Giving and Text Giving.  




To give using the Online Giving option please follow the following steps:

  1. Click the Give Now .                    

  2. Enter your gift amount.

  3. Give to the fund preselected for you or choose a different fund from the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter your email address. 

  5. Select a frequency.

  6. Click Give.

  7. Choose your account type          Credit/Debit Card or Checking Account

  8. Enter your payment information.

  9. Click Give to complete your donation.

        You will receive email confirmation of your gift from JCPC.


To give using the Text Giving option please follow the following steps:

  1. Text “JCPC and “Amount” (e.g. "JCPC $75") to 73256.

  2. You will receive a text message in response providing a link (e.g."") for your next steps. Click the link and follow the prompts selecting a fund, entering a payment method and then "Click Give". You will receive a text message with your receipt confirming your gift. 

  3. Text giving will save your payment method so you can quickly give from your phone in the future

Thank you for your support of the mission of JCPC! 
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