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Matching Rings A Little Dictionary of Rings Part 1.

Today we are talking about love rings. What are the different kinds of rings? Many, and based on the kind and where they are worn, they take on particular meanings.

The finger that they are placed could have a meaning. I'll give you a comprehensive overview of the different types of rings and their meanings, as well as the origins of them and how they are used.

Let's begin with rings that are dedicated to love.

Pre-engagement ring Remember that engagement in Italy is an agreement however it does not mean that you're certain of getting married. Let's say that you are in an affair. In America an engagement ring indicates a particular intention of getting married. Couples who have been together for a long time can wear a sign of the love they share, without having to think about something more formal. In this instance you could choose an engagement ring prior to your engagement (or promise ring, but we'll get to this later). Typically, this rings is quite simple, with little value, and is worn on the left ring finger to signify that you're engaged even if you're not yet engaged. Sometimes you can opt for the middle finger of the left hand so as not to be confused with an engagement ring.

A significant date or the initials or name of the couple can be engraved on the inside.

Couple Jewelry Sets is intended to symbolize the promise that one person makes to another person, which is why the pre-engagement ring is one among the most popular.

In reality, promise rings can have multiple meanings

I will be faithful to you.

I will be back you

I will keep a particular promise to you

I will keep your secrets

I have a strong feeling for you.

I am in love with you

I'd like to get married but I'm still not ready to be engaged yet.

I will protect your virginity

We are the best of friends

I will always be there to help you

You are my one and only Valentine

I pledge to stay away (from drinking, gambling or smoking).

I promise to replace this ring with a (larger) diamond as soon as I am able to afford it

A promise ring, like a pre-engagement ring does not come with any distinct marks and may also be of low value. If it's not a sentimental promise, it is best to wear it on your right hand. It is essential to immediately clarify the meaning of the promise you intend to convey with the ring. Some people suggest writing the promise on a piece of paper to make sure. If the ring is of sufficient thickness, you can have initials or engravings placed on it.

Promise rings with low value are not worth returning, although the receiver might not want to keep a rings if it brings back negative memories.

The Solitaire Let's start by defining that this solitaire ring as we'll describe it is very American. In the past, in Europe there were other customs in relation to engagement rings. These were related to the country from which the couple was engaged. American films have taught us the scene of him kneeling down and asking you to marry him, and then suddenly, he opens a box with a diamond that is of varying dimensions. It is typically an SOLITAIRE. It is said that this is due to the diamond (usually with a brilliant cut, i.e. round), mounted alone in the middle of a simple ring is the symbol of love and true love. Then if you want to know how many different ways this simple model can be interpreted go here.

I'm convinced that, given the prices of diamonds, fiances who are poor don't have a lot of options (if they are wealthy they can choose to move on to the next ring) than to focus on a single diamond, then obviously the size matters, at least for the wallet.

It is a very popular and iconic design. In general, but not always it doesn't include stones on the sides or around and the stem may be made of white or gold, or platinum.

For those who prefer romance and romantic, when he hands you a solitaire he is in reality expressing his love and loyalty to you and you alone in exchange for your commitment to marry him.

Like all engagement rings, the solitaire is worn on the left ring finger. Why? It was thought that this finger had an artery directly connected to the heart, the vena amoris.

The most well-known solitaire ring in the world is the Tiffany setting that has a six-prong setting. It was created by Charles Tiffany (father to L.C. Tiffany) in 1886. The solitaire jewelry piece that is suitable for any type of style, age and anyone who enjoys elegance and precious stones.


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